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Social Business Forum Asia 2018 Autumn -アジアのユヌスセンターコンテスト優勝チームが一堂集合!

https://youtu.be/Zepjou1oeUk【開始時間が変更になりました 13:00 → 14:00】
九州大学ユヌス&椎木ソーシャル・ビジネス研究センター(以下SBRC)は、平成30年10月27日(土)に、Social Business Forum Asia 2018 Autumn(以下SBFA2018 Autumn)を、東京都千代田区の法政大学にて開催します。
アジア太平洋のユヌスセンターの協働プロジェクトである「Yunus Social Business Design Contest Asia-Pacific」初の催しとして、ソーシャルビジネスに関心の高い法政大学にタイ、台湾、マレーシアのソーシャル・ビジネス・コンテスト優勝チームが一堂に集結し、それぞれのプレゼンテーションを行います。ぜひお越しください。

・日 時:平成30年10月27日(土)14:00~19:00(受付13:30~)
・会 場:法政大学 外濠校舎6F 薩埵(さった)ホール 東京都千代田区富士見2-17-1
・主 催:九州大学ユヌス&椎木ソーシャル・ビジネス研究センター(SBRC)
・後 援:タイアジア工科大学院ユヌスセンター、台湾国立中央大学ユヌスセンター マレーシアmyHarapan、オーストラリア ラトローブ大学ユヌスセンター、一般社団法人ソーシャル・ビジネス・アカデミア・ネットワーク、福岡地域戦略推進協議会、株式会社ボーダレス・ジャパン
協力 : 法政大学 キャリアデザイン学部 田中研之輔クラス
14:00~14:05  オープニング挨拶 星野裕志(九州大学SBRCセンター長)
14:05 ~ 14:10 挨拶 法政大学 キャリアデザイン学部 教授 田中研之輔氏
14:10 ~ 14:15 ユヌス博士ビデオメッセージ
14:15 ~ 15:00 講話「ユヌス・ソーシャル・ビジネスとは」 九州大学SBRC 岡田昌治
15:00 ~ 15:25 日本代表 From YYContest SBRC
15:30 ~ 15:55 タイ代表 From Bangchak YY contest
16:10 〜 16:35 台湾代表 From Yunus Social Business Centre,National Central University
16:40 〜 17:05 マレーシア代表 From myHarapan
17:20 〜 18:50 パネルディスカッション
登壇者: Faiz Shah (アジア工科大学院 ユヌスセンター ディレクター)予定
   Chien-wen Mark Shen(台湾国立中央大学 ユヌスセンター ディレクター)予定
   Nurfarini Daing (マレーシア myHarapan CEO) 予定
岡田 昌治 (九州大学SBRC エグゼクティブディレクター)
モデレーター:法政大学 キャリアデザイン学部 教授 田中研之輔氏
18:50 〜 19:00 クロージング

◆Yunus Center Asia-Pacific Joint Project◆

YY Contest Asia-Pacific Outline
The YY Social Business Contest Asia-Pacific is a global Yunus Social Business plan competition endorsed by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and founder of Grameen Bank. The contest aims at effective collaborations between Yunus Centers and Yunus Social Business organizations in the Asia-Pacific to create a synergy that will inspire entrepreneurs and new Yunus Social Business companies in the Asia-Pacific.
The local contests held in each country include entry form screening, workshops, primary screening, and finals. Each country’ s representatives, selected from among local contest winners, will be given the chance to appear on stage at the annual Social Business Forum Asia (SBFA), where they can present their social business plans to a panel of experts, including Dr. Yunus, and engage in workshops. The contest is supported by various business, academic and government bodies and other organizations. The purpose is to provide aspiring social business entrepreneurs with the chance to learn more about social business, to work with mentors and improve their business plans, to participate and form links in a global network and to receive follow up support in making their social business a reality.

The SBRC’s mission is to study and promote social business, build sustainable and developed social systems, and help incubate social business start-ups. The SBRC also develops social business models aimed at solving global issues (poverty, health, environmental, energy, and education issues, natural disasters, etc.), using contracted ventures or joint research with organizations around the world.

The SBRC regularly holds workshops for the creation of social businesses. Several who have attended these workshops have started Yunus Social Business companies (among the first in Japan).

The SBRC focuses on the following three areas as Yunus Social Business activities. Currently, we are developing a Social Business Fund to encourage the creation of social businesses and improve incubation functions.

1. Establishing a joint venture with Grameen Group Providing coordination services in establishing a joint venture between a Japanese company and Grameen Group in Bangladesh.

2. Establishing a social business company
Providing coordination and consultation services for those starting social businesses in Japan.

---Yunus Social Business Centre,National Central University---
The Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) at the National Central University (NCU) is the first YSBC established in Taiwan. It was established on October 16, 2014, based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed between NCU and Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. The vision of YSBC at NCU is to be a recognized international hub for education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in social business. Our core values are empathy, responsibility, integrity, creativity, professionalism, and fun. The mission of YSBC at NCU is to be a catalyst for Taiwan’s social business ecosystem, including social businesses, NPOs, communities, government, investors, incubators, and academics, through the excellence in research, training and mentoring, advocacy, and collaboration.

“Bangchak Yunus and Youth Social Business Design Contest” (Bangchak YY contest) is a collaboration between Yunus Center at AIT and Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, to promote students, create change and solve social problems through social business models, on the theme: From Bangchak and SDGs to social Business, in Thailand.

The contest aims at encouraging Thai university students, undergraduate to post-graduate, to have a concept of doing business for society, create social change, and foster partnerships among competing groups, inculcating the value of collective action and selflessness in business.

The main contents is focused on the Social Business concept, in line with the corporate culture of sustainable development in society and the environment. Based on iterative practical workshops, cross-functional participation and presentations, as well as the synergy of solving a social problems related to SDGs through social business solutions by focusing on the four areas of Bangchak’s interests: Efficiency Energy Management, Green and Renewable Energy, Bio-Based Energy and Retail.

About myHarapan
myHarapan, also known as the Youth Trust Foundation, is a non-partisan, non-government and not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to empowering young Malaysians by supporting youth projects and initiatives that contribute to nation-building efforts. We achieve this by providing a supportive environment for youth empowerment, developing capacity and capability and providing sustainable funding mechanisms.

About Social Business Challenge
Returning for the fourth time, the objective remains the same, which is to generate solutions using a social business model to create and develop new social businesses in Malaysia. In encouraging youths to participate in solving social problems, we facilitate development through different themes each year. After 3 months of market validation, the finalists will pitch their ideas to a panel of judge of the change and impact it has created or gathered.

Yunus Social Business Centre is essentially a research hub for Social Business in universities around the world. A Social Business Centre under the Yunus name follows the principles and guidelines provided by Professor Muhammad Yunus, and tries to determine the role of Social Business in solving society’ s most pressing problems. The concept of social business is spread among the university students and researchers via a Yunus Social Business Centre. YSBCs are set in collaboration between the Yunus Centre and the University.
YSBCs conduct academic research, teaching, academic programme development, action research, knowledge-sharing events in social business like competitions, workshops and seminars among other things. YSBCs also find new and innovative means to expand the concept of social business among the students and researchers and even outside the university to the larger community and region.
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2018/10/27 (土)
14:00 - 19:00 JST
一般観覧席 満席
千代田区富士見2丁目17−1 日本
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